Les mémoires de Maalaŋ Galisa sur le royaume confédéré du Kaabu

2017-03-13T14:38:16Z (GMT) by Cornelia Giesing Denis Creissels
<p>Edition of a recital in Mandinka by Maalaŋ Galisa (October 1988) on the political constitution and living conditions in Kaabu, a territory situated between present Gambia, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, known since the 16<sup>th</sup> century, definitely destroyed 1867 A.D. The narrative presents a bunch of topics covering governance, codes of conduct of warriors, clerics, slaves and 'strangers', rules of slavery, marriage and succession, the cohabitation of different religions, relations of age and gender.</p> <p>This text is distinctive from others focussing on a single founder-patriarch, Tiramakan of the Epic of Sunjata. Galisa focuses on South-eastern Kaabu, bordering on the region of Labé (Guinea). He adds local colours to the Mandiŋ model, depicting powerful women and violent conflicts resulting from injustice.</p>