Length-weight and length-length relationships for rockpool fishes on the Brazilian coast

<div><p>Abstract Fifty-nine length-weight (LWR) and length-length (LLR) relationships were estimated for 18 fish species, belonging to 10 families. The fish specimens were captured in rockpools of 21 sites along a stretch of 4,900 km of the Brazilian coast, between latitudes 00° and 22°S, in 2012. This study represents the first reference available for five fish species (Gobiesox barbatulus, Bathygobius geminatus, Labrisomus nuchipinnis, Malacoctenus delalandii, Lutjanus alexandrei) in LLR and six (Gobiesox barbatulus, Bathygobius geminatus, Hypleurochilus fissicornis, Omobranchus punctatus, Entomacrodus vomerinus, Diplodus argenteus) in LWR.</p></div>