Lecture notes in population genetics

2017-08-05T17:41:24Z (GMT) by Kent Holsinger
<p>Lecture notes from my graduate course in population genetics. Topics covered include basic principles of Hardy-Weinberg, population structure, drift, mutation, selection, quantitatitve genetics, molecular evolution, and phylogeography.</p> <p>Please contact me if you find errors or places where the explanations are unclear or incomplete.</p> <p>The first link below will take you to the course website. The second will take you to a Github repository in which you'll find the LaTeX source and associated files needed to produce the PDF that you find here. The notes are from the 2017 edition of the course.The final link is to the release page on Github. There you'll find links to the most recent version of the notes (v2.0) that will provide a ZIP file (or a gzipped tar ball) of the files used to produce this PDF. <br></p><p>If you are interested in the notes as they existed at the end of Fall 2012, you can also download v1.0.</p><p>If you find errors in the notes, please let me know.<br></p>



CC BY 4.0