Leading Scientists into Openness

2013-01-29T04:53:24Z (GMT) by Antony Williams Sean Ekins

This is the presentation to be given at #scio13 ScienceOnline13


This session will discuss what open science means and how we can encourage it, if indeed we need to.
Questions: - How do we define openness – Open Access, Open Data, Open Science? - Are there obvious benefits to openness in science? - If yes, what are the blocks towards openness? Tools, Systems, IP concerns, organizational support. - Do scientists have to be fully open or is partial or part time open? - What are incentives to move scientists towards openness - Do journals, patents, IP all prevent openness? - Do open journals promote open science or not? - What projects can we launch at SciO13 and monitor/measure for impact of Open Science - Which prominent open scientist can we invite to scio13?