Laboratory evaluation of nanoparticle penetration efficiency in a cylindrical counter flow denuder for non-specific removal of trace gases

2017-01-04T20:56:31Z (GMT) by Hiroyuki Hagino

This article presents a cylindrical counter-current flow diffusion denuder with high efficiency penetration of nanoparticles, for non-specific removal of trace gases from an air flow. The denuder was designed to exchange gases in the sample flow by diffusion to the purge flow across a cylindrical microporous glass tube. Laboratory test results indicated that removal efficiencies of gases increased with a lower sample flow rate and a higher sample to purge flow rate ratio. Additionally, the pore size of the microporous glass did not affect gas removal efficiency and particle penetration following optimization of sample and purge flow rate conditions. Significantly high particle penetration was obtained for the counter flow denuder technique (94% penetration for 20 nm of polystyrene latex particle [PSL]) that agreed with theoretical estimation attributed to diffusion loss.

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