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LIMPID: Large-Scale Image Processing Infrastructure Development

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posted on 02.02.2020 by B.S. Manjunath
The primary goal is to create a large scale distributed image processing infrastructure, the LIMPID, though a broad, interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers in databases, image analysis, and sciences. In order to create a resource of broad appeal, the focus will be on three types of image processing: simple detection and labelling of objects based on detection of significant features and leveraging recent advances in deep learning, semi-custom pipelines and workflows based on popular image processing tools, and finally fully customizable analysis routines. Popular image processing pipeline tools will be leveraged to allow users to create or customize existing pipeline workflows and easily test these on large-scale cloud infrastructure from their desktop or mobile devices. In addition, a core cloud-based platform will be created where custom image processing can be created, shared, modified, and executed on large-scale datasets and apply novel methods to minimize data movement. Usage test cases will be created for three specific user communities: materials science, marine science and neuroscience. An industry supported consortium will be established at the beginning of the project towards achieving long-term sustainability of the LIMPID infrastructure.


NSF SI2-SSI 1664172