LESS ovariohysterectomy in cats using a new homemade multiport

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to assess the use of a homemade multiport for LESS (laparoendoscopic single-site surgery) ovariohysterectomy (OVH) in cats. Intra and postoperative variables of the surgery steps, technical challenges, complications and evolution of surgical time by a surgeon in training were evaluated. Twenty queens were selected for LESS OVH. The multiport device was manufactured of a conical-shaped ethylene polytereftalate (PET) bottle, urethral catheter no. 8, latex balloon no. 11, a 3.5mm and a 6mm laparoscopic trocars. Hemostasis was carried out using bipolar diathermy. Mean total surgical time was 14.54±5.12 minutes. Approach to right and left ovarian pedicles and abdominal access for insertion of the multiport device were the most time consuming surgical steps. LESS ovariohysterectomy using a new homemade multiport device is feasible and safe. Thus, the proposed technique may be considered as a minimally invasive alternative to ovariohysterectomy in the feline specie.