Consensus expression signatures for L1000 compounds

In this fileset we provide our processed forms of the LINCS L1000 data. Starting with signature-level expression data from the L1000 project, we employ our pipeline (link below) to condense this information to consensus drug-level expression signatures.


For a detailed overview of our approach, see the appended thinklab discussion link. In brief, our approach has 3 steps. (1) Pool set of LINCS gold signatures corresponding to drug of interest. (2) Compute weights for each signature, based on their mean Spearman correlation values with all other signatures. (3) Combine Z-scores across all signatures using Stouffer's method to create a consensus signature.


These drug-level consensus signatures are provided in two drug vocabularies: LINCS perturbagens and DrugBank compounds. Rows are drugs, and columns are genes (Entrez Gene IDs). The values in both files are Z-scores, as per the LINCS L1000 standard.