Kassina decorata annotated transcriptome

2016-05-27T15:30:29Z (GMT) by Daniel M. Portik Lydia L. Smith Ke Bi
Whole RNA from a portion of liver sample preserved in RNA Later was extracted using the RNeasy Protect Mini Kit (Qiagen). Sequencing libraries were prepared using half reactions of the TruSeq RNA Library Preparation Kit V2 (Illumina), beginning with Poly-A selection for samples with high RIN scores (> 7.0) and Ribo-Zero Magnetic Gold (Epicentre) ribosomal RNA removal for samples with low RIN scores (< 7.0). Libraries were sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq2500 with 100 bp paired-end reads. Transcriptomic data were cleaned following Singhal (2013). Cleaned data were assembled using TRINITY (Grabherr et al. 2011) and annotated with Xenopus tropicalis (Ensembl) as a reference genome using reciprocal BLASTX (Altschul et al. 1997) and EXONERATE (Slater & Birney 2005).