Jones et al - Pavlovian influences on rat and mouse learning

2017-05-17T16:45:45Z (GMT) by Mike Mendl
Data accompanying paper by Jones et al. which investigates learning during a counterbalanced Go/NoGo judgement bias task in both rats and mice. There are 5 separate excel files. All files contain a sheet with data and another sheet containing descriptions of the variables. The files are:

1) Jones et al - rat and mice learning criterion data: contains data for number of sessions required to achieve learning criterion (as defined in the paper) for different phases of training on the Go/NoGo judgement bias task.

2) Jones et al - rat and mice percentage correct responses data: contains data on the percentage of correct responses made by rats to positive and negative tones during the discrimination training phase of the task.

3) Jones et al - rat and mice proportion positive responses during ambiguity tests data: contains data on the proportion of positive responses made during ambiguity tests.

4) Jones et al - rat and mice latency to escape air puff data: contains data on escape latencies following receipt of air puffs during the first 6 sessions of the negative tone and discrimination training phases.

5) Jones et al - rat and mice shuttle rate data: contains data on the shuttle rates / min during the ITIs of the last 5 discrimination training sessions.