Isolated ruptured aneurysm of the superficial femoral artery: case report

Abstract Isolated true aneurysms of the superficial femoral artery (SFA) are rare events. They mostly manifest in elderly men and are frequently seen in conjunction with other aneurysms. They have varied etiology and are usually detected when they complicate with thrombosis or distal embolization, or, more rarely, when they rupture. The present case report describes a patient with an aneurysm of the SFA that was ruptured and contained and who had no other aneurysms. Color Doppler ultrasound of the arteries revealed the rupture and angiotomography showed a saccular aneurysm of the SFA measuring 11.4 × 8.8 cm, with a large mural thrombus. Arteriography was used to plan revascularization and showed the distal bed with outflow via the anterior tibial artery. The patient was treated with conventional elective distal femoropopliteal surgical revascularization with the ipsilateral saphenous vein inverted, which was successful. Recovery was complicated by a postoperative surgical site infection. Microbiology tests were negative and the anatomopathological study confirmed a true aneurysm of the SFA.