Isabelle files for verification of a pessimistic STM algorithm

This page contains the Isabelle theory files that show refinement between Matveev and Shavit's <a href=""> pessimistic transactional memory algorithm</a> (MSPessTM) and the <a href="">TMS2 specification</a>. Leveraging Lesani et al's <a href="">results</a>, these proofs establish opacity of MSPessTM. <p> The tarball consists of the following: </p><ul><li> Main files <ul><li> TMS2.thy - contains the IOA specification of TMS2 </li><li> MSPessTM.thy contains the I/O automata encoding of the MSPessTM algorithm, invariants and supporting lemmas </li><li> MSPessTMCorrect.thy contains the simulation relation and all associated proofs proof </li></ul> </li><li> Supporting files <ul><li> Transitions.thy and Interface.thy provide tools for uniformly constructing automata that represent STM implementations. </li><li> Utilities.thy and RWMemory.thy define some concepts that are shared between the other theories. </li></ul> </li></ul> <p> The proofs require <a href=""> Isabelle 2016. </a> </p><p> If you encounter a problem loading Seq.thy, please make sure imports is set to "../HOLCF". This is a problem with the new Isabelle distribution. </p>