Isabelle files for verification of a hybrid transactional mutex lock

2017-04-20T11:49:17Z (GMT) by Brijesh Dongol Alasdair Armstrong
<p> This page contains Isabelle theory files for proving correctness of hybrid transactional memory in a modular fashion, leveraging the <a href="">TMS2 specification</a> and Lesani et al's <a href="">results</a>, these proofs establish opacity of two novel hybrid versions of the <a href=""> Dalessandro et al.'s transactional mutex lock </a>. </p><p> Modularisation is based on a concept we refer to as open I/O automata. </p><p> <a href=""> Download the theory files here.</a> The zip file consists of two folders: </p><ul><li> <i> naive</i>, a simple implementation and proof, where the fast and slow path both synchronise on the same global variable, and </li><li> <i> 2-Counter</i>, an improved implementation and proof, where the slow- and fast-path transactions synchronise on different variables, allowing more concurrency. </li></ul> <p> The proofs require <a href=""> Isabelle 2016. </a> </p><p> If you encounter a problem loading Seq.thy, please make sure imports is set to "../HOLCF". This is a problem with the new Isabelle distribution. </p>