Investigating time and cell fate decisions in the development of the avian posterior body.pdf

2020-03-16T22:19:12Z (GMT) by Lara Busby Benjamin Steventon
This project describes the plans for my PhD project.

The vertebrate posterior body plan is laid down in a sequential manner, with anterior structures being generated before more posterior ones. The pool of cells that contribute to the conserved structures of the anteroposterior axis, including the notochord, somites and neural tube, are termed axial progenitor cells. During posterior body development, axial progenitor cells coordinate their cell fate decisions and contributions to the body axis with the overall progression of developmental time. This is necessary for normal morphogenesis. In this project, we will examine the mechanisms underlying how axial progenitor cells “tell the time” during development, in particular focusing on making the distinction between cell-intrinsic and – extrinsic timing mechanisms in controlling Hox gene expression.