Introduction to getting started with fatty acids for use in trophic ecology and FAQs

2015-06-12T16:34:30Z (GMT) by Aaron Galloway
<p>This is a 'living document' which attempts to provide some introduction to the use of fatty acids in aquatic sciences.</p> <p>Aaron Galloway wrote the initial draft and invited Mike Brett (a previous advisor and current collaborator) to add his perspectives. We both get a fair amount of email communication from people asking questions about getting started with fatty acids in their research. We enjoy such communications; we also see that there is a need for a general ‘nuts and bolts’ intro for ecologists who are getting started with fatty acids, written (hopefully) without all of the intimidating jargon which one finds in the scientific papers.</p> <p>This document addresses many of the initial questions that people ask when they contact us. We'll update it as new questions come in or revelations are made. Please provide feedback!</p>