Introduction to World Religions Syllabus

2016-10-30T16:22:07Z (GMT) by John L. Crow
Introduction to World Religions syllabus. This class explores and engages the history, religious beliefs, and practices of numerous cultures around the world over a vast time span. The class gives an opportunity to survey the variety of religious traditions, and realize the immense diversity of practices and beliefs placed under the category of religion. It also gives a broad exposure to varying worldviews that have influenced the ways people live their lives and interact with each other. This course highlights certain aspects of culture that interact with and/or are integral to the category of religion. It also challenges preconceived notions about a variety of topics related to religion including race, class, gender, religious texts, beliefs, practices, politics, including colonialism, economics, violence, and how societies have responded to religions that have emerged in that last few centuries. These issues will be explored within the framework of historical and cultural theory.