Introduction to Digital Analysis Techniques

2014-05-09T08:54:09Z (GMT) by M. H. Beals
<p>A Collection of Seminar Worksheets for "The Press and American Society, 1836-1922", a Third-Year History Module at Sheffield Hallam University (2014). </p> <p>These worksheets were written to reinforce and clarify verbal instructions and face-to-face support given during weekly, two-hour computer seminars. They may, therefore, reference material delivered in weekly lectures, or the required reading, and should not be reused in other modules without revision.</p> <p>Likewise, the aim of this module was to introduce students to the concept of computer-aided analysis without overwhelming them with technical detail or cumbersome commercial software. Therefore, the techniques below have been simplified and should not be taken as complete representations of the power or nuance of these methodologies.</p>