Intermetallic Compounds with 1D Infinite Tunnels. Syntheses and Structures of AAu<sub>4</sub>In<sub>2</sub> (A = K, Rb)

2006-09-27T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Bin Li John D. Corbett
Four intermetallic compounds K<i><sub>x</sub></i>Rb<sub>1</sub><sub>-</sub><i><sub>x</sub></i>Au<sub>4</sub>In<sub>2</sub> (<i>x</i> = 0−1) synthesized by high-temperature solid-state reactions display 1D infinite tunnel constructions with Au−In frameworks. These compounds show small but different cation displacements in the tunnels and are also air and moisture inert at room temperature, even in concentrated HCl(aq).