Integrating peer review activities into VIVO profiles using Publons

2018-06-18T13:20:50Z (GMT) by Benjamin Gross
Presented at the VIVO Conference in Durham, NC, June 6-8. 2018

Publons ( is a rapidly growing online community where scholars track their peer review activity. More than 325,000 researchers have joined the site since its launch in 2012 in order to capture and highlight peer reviews, which have been traditionally undervalued when assessing the full breadth of scholarly activity. In this session, we will present on integrating Publons data into VIVO two different ways: as a javascript widget and via data ingest using the Publons’ API and Python scripts.

The Publons widget, currently in a limited release as a demo, allows a VIVO site to easily embed Publons data via a line of javascript. Enabling the widget requires the addition of a data property to the site’s local ontology to capture Publons IDs and editing a single Freemarker template. Once enabled, the widget will appear on the page for any person with a Publons ID. The widget shows a visual representation of the person’s recent peer review activity. The widget also links to the full Publons’ profile.

A more comprehensive integration of Publons data can also be achieved using the Publons’ API, Python scripts, and ontology extensions. A full ingest of Publons data enables peer review activity to be integrated throughout VIVO, i.e. on both a person’s page, on journal pages, and (when made available by publishers) on individual article records.

Publons was acquired by Clarivate in 2017, joining a portfolio of services that includes Web of Science and InCites. Instructions and code for the above are available at