Integrated quality by design (QbD) and design of experiments (DoE) approach for UFLC determination of telaprevir in rat serum

<p>An ultrafast liquid chromatographic bioanalytical method was developed and validated for the determination of telaprevir in Wistar albino rat serum. Principles of quality by design (QbD) were implemented for enhancing the bioanalytical liquid–liquid extraction of telaprevir from rat serum. A Box–Behnken design was utilized in the studies by selecting extraction time, centrifugation speed, and vortex time as the critical method variables for evaluating their effect on the critical analytical attribute, i.e., %recovery of telaprevir. Chromatographic separation was achieved within a run time of 10 min using a C-18 column and mobile phase comprising of methanol:borate buffer of pH 9 (90:10 v/v) flowing at 1.2 mL/min. Photodiode array detection was performed at 270 nm. Results of validation studies were satisfactory. The method was linear over a concentration of 25–10,000 ng/mL. Limit of detection for the developed method was 10 ng/mL. Further, design of experiments (DoE) used for inter-day accuracy and precision study suggested superior method reliability. This integrated QbD- and DoE-based approach ensured the development of a validated and reliable analytical method for optimum bioanalysis of telaprevir in biological matrix.</p>