Integrated optimization of location assignment and sequencing in multi-shuttle automated storage and retrieval systems under modified 2<i>n</i>-command cycle pattern

<p>This article explores the integrated optimization problem of location assignment and sequencing in multi-shuttle automated storage/retrieval systems under the modified 2<i>n</i>-command cycle pattern. The decision of storage and retrieval (S/R) location assignment and S/R request sequencing are jointly considered. An integer quadratic programming model is formulated to describe this integrated optimization problem. The optimal travel cycles for multi-shuttle S/R machines can be obtained to process S/R requests in the storage and retrieval request order lists by solving the model. The small-sized instances are optimally solved using CPLEX. For large-sized problems, two tabu search algorithms are proposed, in which the first come, first served and nearest neighbour are used to generate initial solutions. Various numerical experiments are conducted to examine the heuristics’ performance and the sensitivity of algorithm parameters. Furthermore, the experimental results are analysed from the viewpoint of practical application, and a parameter list for applying the proposed heuristics is recommended under different real-life scenarios.</p>