Influence of fast advective flows on pattern formation of Dictyostelium discoideum - Fig 2

a) A schematic side view of the channel loaded with cells that are attached to the substrate and exposed to an external fluid flow advecting cAMP molecules downstream. b) Experimental setup filled with blue ink for better visualization. The reservoir is filled only with buffer and the liquid is pumped out with a syringe pump from the right side. c) Space-time plot of the flow-driven waves at the imposed flow velocity of Vf = 10 mm/min. d) Snapshots of the waves taken from the top of the channel obtained by subtracting successive images (captured every 20 sec) of the channel every 1 min (image number n+3 minus image number n) and bandpass filtered. The time increment between successive images is 1 min. Time stamp shows the time since the start of starvation.