Influence of fast advective flows on pattern formation of Dictyostelium discoideum - Fig 1

a) Schematic representation of the reaction-diffusion model used, reproduced from [16]. b) Phase diagram showing the different regimes depending on the production σ and degradation ke. Stable regime in white, where one stable steady state exists, excitable regime in orange, 3 steady states, one of which is excitable and the other two unstable. Oscillatory regime in purple, one unstable steady state surrounded by a limit cycle. Convectively unstable regime in light blue, one steady state which is convectively unstable. Bistable regime in green, two stable steady states. The red line marks the trajectory that the developmental path follows. Simulations with fixed parameters used the ones marked by the black asterisk. c) Cell state over time for a cell starting with ts = 0. The color coding is the same as b).