Influence of choice for τest on accuracy of recovered C.

A Best estimated matrices C for τest = 0, 0.1, 1 and 5 s. For τest = 1, the C matrix at the end of the optimization (step 10000) is also shown. B Evolution of Q errors for the optimizations with various τest in A. bf C C errors corresponding to the best matrices in A (red solid curve), as well as last matrices of the optimization (red dashed curve). The green curve indicates the error of the best C with the symmetric part of the original C. The blue curve indicates the error between the empirical and the corresponding theoretical matrix. D Pearson correlation coefficient between the best and original C (red) as well as reconstructed and objective Q0/τ. between and each corresponding theoretical Qτ matrix for the same τ = τest in C. E Comparison between LO with empirical calculated with Eq (2) (red solid curve) and LO with theoretical obtained from Eq (7) (red dashed curve). The blue curve indicates the inaccuracy between the empirical and theoretical Qτ matrices. F Same as B for the Q error with theoretical objectives .