Influence of Wood Stack Dimensional Parameters in Quality of Eucalyptus spp. Submitted to Air Drying

ABSTRACT This study aimed to evaluate the influence of the width of the sawn timber stack and thickness of the stickers in the drying velocity, the generated defects and moisture distribution within the stack in Eucalyptus spp.. Two widths of stacks were tested (1800 and 900 mm), both 3000 mm long, constructed with 20 and 25 mm thick stickers. We evaluated the drying rate, final moisture in distribution and main defects generated after 90 days of air drying. Reducing the width of the stack caused an increase in drying velocity, the most satisfactory results for the timber stack made with 25 mm thickness. The reduction of the wood stack width influenced the quality of Eucalyptus spp. after air drying, showing a decrease of the final moisture of the lumber boards. The moisture variation between the boards and the defects generated were below the limits set by default.