India - From ‘Nuclear Apartheid’ to Nuclear Multi-Alignment

2016-06-12T04:03:21Z (GMT) by Sitakanta Mishra

India’s independence coincided with dawn of nuclear era in world politics. It wasted no time in deciding not to lag behind in this scientific march mainly to uplift its teeming million with a better standard of living. India tamed the atom purely for social, economic, and scientific purposes unlike all other nations who started their nuclear journey with weapons programme.

With the change in geopolitical situation around India and the nuclear weapon states’ disavowal of India’s clarion call for global nuclear disarmament, India moved to the other side of the fence in 1974. Since then it has been viewed as an outcast in the nuclear community along with all multilateral sanctions imposed on it. But the state of affairs turned in such a way after its second round of nuclear test in 1998 that “not even India could have expected that a trade embargo on nuclear and related commerce, evolved because of India, would be lifted purely for India”.