Inclusion of Children with Emotional Disorders in Lesson Planning by Educators

2019-12-21T10:05:21Z (GMT) by Violeta Buza Amina Murati

All children are entitled to equal conditions for a normal life, regardless of their health issues or disorders. Therefore, we consider that educators should give attention to children with emotional disorders while performing their lesson planning, including the organisation and implementation of activities indoors and outdoors relevant to their overall development. The treatment of children with emotional disorders is an important process and currently their situation is not satisfactory; therefore, educators should work harder to improve their conditions, getting to know more about the sensitive situation of these children. The study highlights the work performed by educators in preschool institutions in cooperation with parents to offer a better development for children with emotional disorders in all the areas. The research is based on the data collected in preschool institutions in Prishtina through questionnaires with educators and parents of children with emotional disorders and with no disorder, and interviews conducted with the directors of preschool institutions. From the data analysis, it results that currently, the treatment of children with emotional disorders is not at the