In vitro conservation of blackberry genotypes under minimal growth conditions and subsequent large-scale micropropagation

Abstract: The objective of this work was to evaluate the micropropagation of blackberry (Rubus spp.) cultivars, after in vitro conservation under minimal growth conditions. Nodal segments of the 'Guarani', 'Caingangue', 'Ébano', and 'Xavante' genotypes were conserved under minimal growth conditions at 20ºC, for 15 months. Microshoots were regenerated and multiplied by up to five successive subcultures, when they were rooted and acclimatized. After 30 days of acclimatization in a greenhouse, rooted plantlets showed no significant losses. Blackberry cultivars can be conserved in vitro for 15 months, without subcultures and, after this time, they can be micropropagated on a large-scale, maintaining the regenerative potential and multiplication.