Improving Research Visibility Part 5: Blogging and Online Magazines

2017-05-24T03:45:08Z (GMT) by Nader Ale Ebrahim
The long run research findings will be disseminated through publications. However, researchers may have created some local content which should be circulated immediately. Online magazines and blogs can be solutions through content curation to immediately circulate the research findings. Academic blogs help researchers to establish expertise, forge new intellectual bonds in their discipline, and give them a place to test out new ideas and promote their research. Blog services provide your research seen by more non-academics than your peer reviewed papers will ever be. The importance of Academic Blog is not to be dismissed. Blogs are a vital tool for academics to publicly communicate about research developments and findings. Academics can also gain feedback from other peers, as well as expand their networks and enhance research visibility and impact. This presentation will provide guidelines on Academic Blogging and Online Magazine as tools for increasing the article visibility and citations. Increased visibility online helps your offline recognition as well. <br>