Improvement in the yield and quality of kalmegh (<i>Andrographis paniculata</i> Nees) under the sustainable production system

<div><p><i>Andrographis paniculata</i> Nees is an annual erect herb with wide medicinal and pharmacological applications due to the presence of andrographolide and other active chemical constituents. The large-scale cultivation of the kalmegh is not in practice. The aim of this study was to establish sustainable production systems of <i>A. paniculata</i> cv CIM-Megha with the application of different bioinoculants and chemical fertilisers. <i>A. paniculata</i> herb and andrographolide yield in the dried leaves was found to be highest (218% and 61.3%, respectively) in treatment T<sub>3</sub> (NPK+<i>Bacillus</i> sp.) compared with T<sub>1</sub> (control). The soil organic carbon, soil microbial respiration, soil enzymes activity and available nutrients improved significantly with combined application of bioinoculants and chemical fertilisers.</p></div>