Impact of chronic sexual abuse and depression on inflammation and wound healing in the female reproductive tract of HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected women - Fig 3

<p><b>Heat map of Spearman’s coefficients for HIV-uninfected (A) and HIV-infected (B) samples stratified by abuse and depression status.</b> Distinct associative patterns were observed among (A i-iv) HIV negative Control, Depression, Abuse, Abuse+Depression as well as (B i-iv) HIV-infected Controls, Depression, Abuse and Abuse+Depression. Each cell of the heat map denotes the Spearman correlation coefficients. Cells highlighted in shades of RED indicates a positive association with darker shades representing stronger associations. Similarly, cells highlighted in shades of BLUE indicates a negative association with darker shades representing stronger associations. Statistically significant (p<0.05) associations are denoted in BOLD. Missing numbers (white) indicate there was no variation within that subgroup usually due to undetectable values, therefore the correlation coefficient could not be calculated. Boxed-in sections highlight clustering patterns.</p>