Immobilization of a Boron Center-Functionalized Scorpionate Ligand on Mesoporous Silica Supports for Heterogeneous Tp-Based Catalysts

To develop novel immobilized metallocomplex catalysts, allyltris­(3-trifluoromethylpyrazol-1-yl)­borate (allyl-Tp<sup>CF3</sup>) was synthesized. A boron-attached allyl group reacts with thiol to afford the desired mesoporous silica-immobilized Tp<sup>CF3</sup>. Cobalt­(II) is an efficient probe for estimating the structures of the immobilized metallocomplexes. The structures of the formed cobalt­(II) complexes and their catalytic activity depended on the density of the organic thiol groups and on the state of the remaining sulfur donors on the supports.