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Imaging the Beating Zebrafish Heart

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posted on 03.07.2019, 16:38 by Chas Nelson, Imaging Concepts Group
Biology is the study of life and most life is four-dimensional (space and time), but for years it has been studied using dead samples and often in only two-dimensions. Our research has developed new techniques that combine optics and computing to image the living, beating heart in zebrafish, a model organism for cardiac disease and injury. This new approach is able to 'computationally freeze' the heart and capture three-dimensional time-lapses of heart development and injury response in a non-invasive and minimally harmful way reducing the impact on the animals used whilst enabling better and new biology to be explored.

Presented at 7 Minutes of Science, 2019-01-29, Glasgow, UK.

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Development and optimisation of synchronised 3D in-vivo imaging of the embryonic and juvenile zebrafish heart

British Heart Foundation

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