Illustration of sampling methods for intrapancreatic quantification.

<p>A: Representative MRI (3-point Dixon) slice of the pancreas was selected (upper panels). An anatomical scan was also acquired in parallel to the Dixon scan for localization purpose and for differentiation pancreas parenchymal tissue from main vessels and other adjacent abdomen tissues (lower panels). Regions of interest were carefully positioned away from pancreas borders to avoid contamination from visceral fat and away from main vessels. Conventional ROI: Polygon tool of ImageJ was used to select single ROI on the head, body and tail of pancreas away from visceral fat and main vessels. MR-opsy: Three ROIs (100mm<sup>2</sup> each) were placed uniformly to represent different parts of the pancreas using ImageJ Oval tool away from visceral fat and main vessels. B: Magnified region of the pancreas to illustrate the size of biopsy selection (100mm<sup>2</sup>) relative to the size of an individual pixel (1.93mm<sup>2</sup> = 1 pixel).The software reshape the oval selection (b, right) to take the nearest pixel shape (b, left).</p>