Identifiers on the Rise in Germany

2016-11-22T11:16:53Z (GMT) by Paul Vierkant
Identifiers on the rise in Germany shall treat the current development of identifiers in Germany's research landscape. Introducing ORCID in Germany's Universities and research organizations finds a lot of interest and a quick uptake. The talks illustrates also the challenges for personal identifiers taking especially German history into account. Within the talk I will present the latest results from a study on the usage and spread of ORCID in academic institutions in Germany in the course of the ORCID DE project. The presentation will also touch upon the discussion about of the recently presented ""Kerndatensatz Forschung"" (Research Core Dataset) recommended by the German Council of Science and Humanities aiming to gather coherent information about research activities also using authority files such as ORCID, DOI and organization identifiers (