Identification of SNP c.-22G>A in the melanophilin gene from a dog with color dilution alopecia: case report

<div><p>ABSTRACT Mutant color alopecia is an ectodermical defection of color dilution, characterized by partial alopecia, dry, shine-less hair, and peeling and papule. Melanization damages also occur on the cortical structure of the affected hair. The animals affected have big melanin grains with irregular shape on the basal keratinocytes, also on the hair matrix cells and rod. Therefore, there is not a specific treatment that makes any difference on the syndrome evolution. Although in some animals, it is possible to use weekly showers with benzyl peroxide to reduce seborrhea formation and secondary infections. There is evidence that the condition in dogs is caused by a single nucleotide polymorphism in the gene encoding the melanophilin protein. In the present study the identification of the SNP c.-22G>A in the melanophilin gene of a Dachshund breed dog with clinical and histopathologic evidence of color dilution alopecia is reported.</p></div>