Icosandrin, a novel peltogynoid from the fruits of <i>Phytolacca icosandra</i> (Phytolaccaceae)

<div><p>Besides the known compounds ( ± ) 3,3-<i>bis</i>-demethylpinoresinol (<b>2</b>), americanol A (<b>3</b>), spergulagenic acid (<b>4</b>), <i>epi</i>-acetylaleuritolic acid (<b>5</b>), 6′-palmityl-α-spinateryl-d-glucoside (<b>6a</b>) and 6′-palmityl-δ<sup>7</sup>-stigmastenyl-d-glucoside (<b>6b</b>), a novel peltogynoid (<b>1</b>) named icosandrin was obtained from the dried fruits of <i>Phytolacca icosandra</i>. This new compound was characterised by 1D-/2D-NMR, UV, IR and HR-MS techniques as 11ξ-methoxy-6,7-methylenedioxy-[2]benzopyrano-[4,3-<i>b</i>][1]-benzopyran-4-one. Toxicity of <b>1</b> was assessed through the Brine Shrimp Lethality Assay. Lignan <b>2</b> is reported for the first time in Phytolaccaceae family.</p></div>