Ibacus leg motor neurons Figure 4

2012-09-05T10:37:00Z (GMT) by Zen Faulkes
<p>Distal leg motor neurons of slipper lobsters, <em>Ibacus</em> spp. (Decapoda: Scyllaridae)</p> <p>N1 fills proximal to the branch point of AV and PV. <strong>A.</strong> Photograph of intensified <em>Ibacus peronii</em> T4 backfill of N1, showing two medial cell bodies and two processes crossing into the contralateral hemiganglion. <strong>B.</strong> Camera lucida drawing of <em>I. alticrenatus</em> backfill of N1 in ganglion T4 showing medial cell with process projecting into the contralateral hemiganglion.</p>