IRs Gone Social: Then comes along Social iR

2012-08-18T01:34:36Z (GMT) by Keita Bando

Within the first 3 years of its launch, MyOpenArchive have attracted 393 users and received 210 posts from individuals. Of the total posts on MyOpenArchive, 95% consist of gray literature. On the basis of initial results, we can safely claim that the project been a success. In the process, we have accumulated a vast variety of research including some “gray” materials such as faculty papers and final drafts. We have also claimed our success because a few related studies have been quoted, for instance, by some theses.
Finally, 83% of users embraced Creative Commons License to post research. Users of MyOpenArchive therefor understand the usefulness of the digital right management. Besides, CC BY-NC [10] has been embraced by 50% of the posts. These results reveal increasing public awareness of the importance of a medium for sharing academic studies.