IRs Gone Social: Then comes along Social iR

2012-03-27T04:59:28Z (GMT) by Keita Bando

1. Sign in with Twitter or Facebook / 2. Upload your docs under Creative Commons Licenses / 3. Publish and share them on social medias


Given this background, we propose to introduce iR (not IRs). An iR is available to anyone, regardless of their institutional affiliation and free of charge. MyOpenArchive is an example of self-archiving. The first prototype was created within a limited period of time and with a limited development cost. Using social media APIs and cloud services, MyOpenArchive was launched in 2007 through the efforts of some Japanese individuals. During the experimental phase from 2007 to 2010, the Japanese version gained some recognition. At the end of 2010, the English version was released with changes to the whole interface, features, and infrastructure. Phase 2 of MyOpenArchive is ready to be launched in the near future. MyOpenArchive aims to break the law of “no IRs, no self-archiving” and to propagate the Open Access Movement. The volunteer project also suggests solutions for gray literature (documents which are not easily accessible) so that scientific research can be easily published and shared. MyOpenArchive features OAuth by Twitter and Facebook, which are currently the most popular social networking media and have a large number of users. Account registration is completed in 2 clicks, and user verification is extremely simple. Also notable is the fact that the two services promote the culture of real user names. Both specialists and amateur researchers can easily and speedily publish their research. No knowledge of IR or OpenAccess is required. As for licenses, a Creative Commons (CC) License is available. The data accumulated over the last 3 years indicates that we need to enhance the usability of the CC license in order to propagate the Open Access Movement and start a revolution in the sharing of scientific research. By entering a simple verification and obtaining a license with general recognition, a person can share his or her work with followers and friends. MyOpenArchive gives people the freedom to share their work...the convenient iR (not an institutional but an “individual” repository) experience is here.