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IRMOF Thin Films Templated by Oriented Zinc Oxide Nanowires

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posted on 02.04.2014 by Yashar Abdollahian, Jesse L. Hauser, Ian R. Colinas, Carolyn Agustin, Andrew S. Ichimura, Scott R. J. Oliver
We present a new method in the synthesis of metal–organic framework (MOF) thin films using zinc oxide nanowires as the substrate. This facile method involves growing zinc oxide nanowires on a substrate (glass, transparent conducting oxide glass, Si wafer), followed by immersing the nanowire substrate in an iso-reticular metal–organic framework (IRMOF) precursor solution. The resulting 25 μm thick film is highly crystalline and covers the entire substrate. Growth of the IRMOF on the nanowire substrate allows for the film to be used in potential applications in sensing, membranes, photovoltaics, catalysis, and gas storage. We have also successfully used microwaves to rapidly produce these films with comparable film quality to our original method.