INER 23.3 Ydersbond Supplemental Material Appendix 1-7 final 17 July.pdf

2018-08-09T13:45:39Z (GMT) by Inga Margrete Ydersbond
<p><br></p><p>International Negotiation 23(3) (2018) 1–37, </p><p>"Power through Collaboration: Stakeholder Influence in EU Climate and Energy Negotiations"</p><p> <br></p><p></p><p>7 Appendixes:</p><p>APPENDIX 1 Outline of Causal Mechanisms in Liberal Intergovernmentalism, the Advocacy Coalition Framework and Historical Institutionalism</p><p> APPENDIX 2 List of Interviews</p><p> APPENDIX 3 Methodological Considerations</p><p> Appendix 4 The Policy Core Beliefs of the Three Advocacy Coalitions</p><p> APPENDIX 5: The EU Member States’ Energy Mixes and Energy Policies, Part 1: Renewable Energy Policy, GHG Emissions Reduction Policy and Coal Policy</p><p> APPENDIX 6 Overarching Coalitions Based on Similar Political Views</p><p>Appendix 7 Path Dependency in the EU’s Climate and Energy Policy Targets</p><p><br></p><p> <br></p><p> </p>