ID-Migraine™ questionnaire and accurate diagnosis of migraine

ABSTRACT Objective To analyze the applicability of the Portuguese version of ID-MigraineTM in a sample of Brazilian patients. Methods Patients with headache were recruited from the neurology outpatient clinic of a tertiary hospital and submitted to the ID-MigraineTM questionnaire. The diagnosis of headache was made according to the ICHD-2 criteria. Results Of the 232 patients, 86% had migraine. The questionnaire showed a sensitivity of 92% (95%CI, 88% to 95%), specificity of 60% (95%CI, 43% to 77%) and a positive predictive value of 93% (95%CI, 89% to 96%). Discussion Our results were similar to other international studies of the ID-MigraineTM application. The Portuguese version is considered easy to use, and an appropriate screening tool for migraine diagnosis in our sample. Conclusion Considering the characteristics of our health system, we can infer that this questionnaire would be beneficial in a Brazilian primary care setting; however, more studies are necessary.