Hydroponic cultivation of Physalis angulata L.: growth and production under nitrogen doses1

ABSTRACT The Physalis angulata L. species has attracted interest due to the production of compounds with pharmacological activity and its potential for fruiticulture. Given that it is a fast-growing and highly productive species, determining the most adequate nitrogen (N) doses could contribute to higher crop yields. This study aimed at assessing the influence of N concentrations, in a hydroponic system, on the growth and production of P. angulata, as well as determining the critical N level in leaves. The experiment was conducted in individual pots with nutrient solutions, applying a completely randomized design and twelve replications, using five N doses (0 mg L-1, 56 mg L-1, 112 mg L-1, 168 mg L-1 and 224 mg L-1). Growth and production indices, amount of total N on leaves and stems and critical N levels were assessed. The increase of N doses in the nutrient solution influenced plant growth and fruit production, as well as the accumulation of total N in the leaves and stems. Based on the maximum economic yield, a dose of 162 mg L-1 of N is recommended for hydroponics, which provided a fruit yield of 7.27 g m-2 and critical total N level in leaves of 51.98 g kg-1.