Hydrochemistry of alluvial aquifer in the Cobra River sub-basin

<div><p>ABSTRACT The regional characteristics of waters from alluvial aquifers are different, since they depend on geology and climate. Also, there may be local variation in the quality of the available water when the water source is superficial (rivers and lakes) or is underground due to geology. In order to investigate the groundwater quality of the alluvial aquifer in the Sub-Basin of the Cobra River (RN) for construction of underground dams, five wells, four in the main river and one in the tributary, were monitored in dry and rainy seasons, during two hydrological years. Fifteen water samples from ‘Amazonas’ wells were collected for hydrochemical assessment. Multivariate analysis were performed to evaluate the origin of aquifer recharge and water hydrochemical characteristics. Hydrochemical assessment results indicated that Na+ and Cl- ions have greater influence on the salinization of the studied area. There are risks of worsening salinization and toxicity problems in the middle and lower courses of the Cobra River Sub-Basin.</p></div>