HydroATLAS version 1.0

This is the HydroATLAS dataset, version 1.0, which is fully described in Linke et al. 2019 (see DOI-link in References below).

In this Figshare repository, there are 4 zipped data files (each >2GB in size) containing all global data in 2 formats:
1. BasinATLAS_Data_v10.gdb.zip (sub-basin polygons, levels 1-12, in geodatabase format)
2. BasinATLAS_Data_v10_shp.zip (sub-basin polygons, levels 1-12, in shapefile format)
3. RiverATLAS_Data_v10.gdb.zip (river reach lines in geodatabase format)
4. RiverATLAS_Data_v10_shp.zip (river reach lines in shapefile format)

There are also 3 PDF files that provide technical specifications:
1. HydroATLAS_TechDoc_v10.pdf (technical documentation)
2. BasinATLAS_Catalog_v10.pdf (catalog file listing all sub-basin attributes)
3. RiverATLAS_Catalog_v10.pdf (catalog file listing all river reach attributes)