Human breast carcinoma signalome regulatory network

2013-05-21T17:17:29Z (GMT) by Mariano Alvarez

The human breast carcinoma signalome regulatory network was reverse engineered by the ARACNe algorithm (PMID 16723010) from 851 human breast invasive carcinoma samples profiled by RNASeq by "The Cancer Genome Atlas" (TCGA). The level 3 raw counts data was normalized and varianze stabilized using the DESeq package from Bioconductor (PMID 12664684). The regulatory network ('regul', 2,020 signaling genes regulating 18,135 target genes through 509,011 interactions) and the expression dataset used to assemble it ('dset', 851 samples x 20,155 genes) are included as an R-system binary file.