Hufford et al. 2013

2016-01-05T07:44:45Z (GMT) by Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra

Mexicana and Maize filtered SNP data and annotations.

File "no_intro.txt" is the measure of "resistance" along each chromosome for each population.

"z2x" in a column header means maize to mexicana, "x2z" mexicana to maize. In the data matrix, a value of 2 means no introgression, a value of 0 means some evidence of introgression.


Hufford M.B., Lubinsky, P., Pyhäjärvi T., Devengenzo, M.T., Ellstrand N.C., Ross-Ibarra J.2013. The genomic signature of crop-wild introgression in maize. PLoS Genetics 9(5): e1003477.