From Linux Desktop Tools to Jupyter Notebooks to web-based widgets: Deploying your application on the Hubzero Platform

2018-10-17T20:01:54Z (GMT) by Erich Huebner
Anyone can deploy their unique application on the Hubzero platform - ranging from a novice programmer to a research scientist, to a seasoned software engineer, and everyone in-between. On a Hub, a single instance of the Hubzero science gateway framework, users have access to previously created simulation tools via a modern web browser. Many users throughout the world are developing tools for plant phenotyping, geospatial simulation, nanotechnology, cancer research, among other research focused fields. Like the broad range of potential application developers, Hubzero, i.e. Hubs, have the ability to provide a range of methods to publish an application as well, and it is the goal of this tutorial is to provide the knowledge to “get-started” creating an application on the platform.