2016-10-27T09:09:36Z (GMT) by David Houle Eladio J. Marquez
Supplemental File S3. Inversion-typing of DGRP lines for the three common inversions In(2L)t, In(2R)NS, and In(3R)Mo, and heterozygosity of chromosome regions. For each inversion: the column beginning PC1sc is the score on Principal component 1 for variants between inversion breakpoints and in disequilibrium with large number of distant sites; (see text for explanation) . Pred is the inversion type predicted based on the PC1 scores (1=homozygous inversion, 0.5 Standard/inversion heterozygote, 0= homozygous Standard). CDL is the combined assignments of inversion-type from Langley et al. 2012 and Corbett-Detig & Hartl 2012 (1=homozygous inversion, 0= not a homozygote for the inversion, blank=not scored). Huang indicates the assignements from Huang et al. 2014 (0= homozygous Standard, 0.5= homozygous ST/INV, 1=homozygous inversion), blank= not scored), Heterozygosity columns are the average heterozygosity for chromsome segments defined by inversion breakpoints, plus the X and arm 3L. Heterozygosities were calculated from sites with no more than 5 missing calls in the 205 lines, and omit regions within 10kb of inversion breakpoints.